Is a Hum-Drum Everyday Life Sacred?

Sometimes I have conversations with my inner guide. Or my higher self. Or maybe it’s my soul. Or maybe it’s the Archangel Gabriel. Or maybe it’s Major Tom.

Yeah, Major Tom. That’s it.

Major Tom is a lot smarter than me, so I go to him with questions sometimes. Since I write articles about Redefining the Sacred, I thought I’d share this recent exchange with you all about experiencing sanctity in everyday life.

Me: Major Tom, I believe that all of life is Sacred. That there is nothing that is not Divine. We’ve talked about this before.

Major Tom: We have.

Me: But does this mean living a hum-drum boring life is Sacred? Because hum-drum doesn’t feel Sacred. It feels boring. So I’m confused. Because if this is what Divinity has to offer, I’ve gotta say I’m a little disappointed.

Major Tom: I know. First of all, let me make sure you know that the Sacred is not boring. At all. It’s awe-inspiring, to say the least. And you’re right—there is nothing that is not Sacred.

Living a hum-drum life, as you describe it—or even a painful life—does not place you outside of the Sacred. You cannot step outside of it, because there is nothing that it is not. That said, you will never experience a hum-drum life as Sacred. You can’t say something is dull but also awe-inspiring.

Sure, you can find the awe in dull things. But at that point, they cease to be dull. If your experience of them becomes more fulfilling and awe-inspiring, you have found the Sacred in what you might once have called “mundane.”

Most people have trouble shifting their perceptions so that they begin experiencing the “mundane” as Sacred. That’s okay. It’s normal. It’s because a shift in perception requires a great amount of growth, and that’s never easy. It requires becoming another version of yourself.

Hence, we have spiritual quests. Hero’s Journeys. Mid-life crises. Etc. These are all examples of people seeking a higher, deeper experience of life and of themselves.

When you’re truly living in alignment with your purpose, you’ll experience every day as awe-some and Sacred. Your heart will sing with it. You’ll feel more than you ever knew you could feel, give more than you knew you had, receive more than you thought you had room for. Pain will still come—Divinity is not about avoiding challenges or stepping outside of life. It’s about fully engaging—with the world and with your self. Especially with your self, because if you’re not fully engaging with your self, you will feel distanced from life. This is because you’re distanced from your self. If you’re distanced from your self, you’re out of touch with your purpose—and you will never feel fulfilled.

The issue of the “hum-drum” is not about feeling bored and disconnected from the world. It’s about disconnection from your self. It’s about, really, an absence of your self. If you’re not there, who is there to experience life? Nobody.

Your experience of anything is always limited by how present and aware you are . . . or are not.

No wonder you’re bored.

Hence the great Apollo’s advice: Know Thyself. This is advice which has so many angles, and not one of those angles will lead you wrong.

Knowing yourself will guide you to your deeper experiences of life, and therefore, of Sanctity. It will guide you to your deepest gifts and your deepest bliss. Follow your bliss, as your teacher Campbell said, and you will find yourself, your gifts for the world, and the Sacred.

So my answer to you is yes and no.

Yes, a hum-drum everyday life is Sacred.

No, you will not experience it that way.

So, your only path to experiencing the Sacred is to undertake a radical shift in perception and consciousness—either by changing your life, or changing your mind. (I mean this literally—you have to CHANGE your MIND, including the way you use it and the thoughts you have.) Changing one of those things will always lead to a change in the other. Changing your mind will lead to changed experiences. Changing your experiences will transform your mind.

Me: Wow, Major Tom. That made a lot of sense. Thank you.

Major Tom: My pleasure. Now go to sleep. It’s way past your bedtime and supporting healthy circadian rhythms is important.


L. Marrick is an author, ghostwriter, and suitcase entrepreneur—which is a hipster way of saying she travels and works from her laptop. Her memoir, “Working Girl: 132 Somewhat Moral Values I Learned from a Sex Worker,” tells about when she answered a shady classified ad and wound up working as a sex worker’s personal assistant. Follow her on Twitter @LMarrick.

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