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Oh how soon we forget about the perils of Tony Romo the last 7 years, and how this one miracle season makes forgetting that much easier.  There’s not a Cowboy fan in the free world that hasn’t wanted to put the last 15 years behind them, and an NFC division champion will do just that.  But if you’re being honest with yourselves, you were likely on the bandwagon that wanted both Romo and Jason Garrett gone years ago.  And if we really dive into that complicated mind of yours we’d probably see that you were perplexed when the Cowboys opted to draft Zack Martin instead of Instagram poster of the year Johnny Manziel.  At the end of the day Cowboy fan deserves a break from the constant reminders of Tony Romo’s missteps over the years.  Will we ever forget the bobbled snap against Seattle, the multiple INT games, and the costly interceptions thrown on final drives of final games with a playoff spot on the line?  Hosting a playoff game against the Detroit Lions for the time being should be enough… until Tony Romo goes Tony Romo again – which could be this week.

In the meantime, let’s give credit to how America’s new team performed down the stretch including a 4-0 December which has been unmatched in the Romo era.  This team was dominant all season long and with only one bad loss on the record may continue to shock the world.   Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford is 0-16 on the road against teams with a winning record, and lesser defenses have held the Detroit offense in check this season.  Detroit will get their points, so the question will be how will the Dallas offense do against the best rushing defense in the NFL?   We’ll find out soon enough, but if Detroit is going to stop DeMarco Murray – they will have to do it without their top defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  Suh who effectively puts the “DAM U” in Ndamukong continues to play as if video cameras don’t exist and has severely put his team in a defensive jam against an opponent who has moved the ball with ease all season long.  The X factor for the Cowboys is going to be Cole Beasley and his ability to find space while being seeing man coverage all game long.  He is easily the team’s number #2 WR and third choice on the offense playing a similar roll to Julian Edelman or Wes Welker.

Don’t be mad that Jerry Jones is still smarter than you, even though you were convinced that he had finally lost it.  This team has been in a serious rebuilding process for several years and finally has the offensive line necessary to compliment the abundance of playmakers on the Cowboy’s offense.  We should have little doubt being confident that we’ll be talking about the Cowboy’s again in the divisional round.

By Des Boodram

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