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Heartwarming Romance  


About the Book

Who will catch a lifetime of love?  Winning the annual wedding bouquet design competition may be the closest Kady Lawrence gets to the altar. She has to come in first or risk losing the floral shop that’s been in her family for generations. Her main competition is Jasmine Matthews. But it’s Jasmine’s son who catches Kady’s attention. Enter hunky Dylan Matthews. Kady has no inkling Dylan is a DEA agent on a case in Cypress Pointe, and Dylan wants to keep it that way…until Kady’s targeted. Determined to keep her safe, Dylan goes undercover at a floral convention and risks a lot more than blowing his cover…he risks losing Kady forever.  


Behind the Book:  Why Author Tara Randel Wrote The Bridal Bouquet

I love everything to do with weddings. What I especially love about The Business of Weddings series is looking at weddings from the professionals point of view. There are so my creative planners, florists, musicians, caterers and photographers in the industry who make a bride’s dream day come true. But like most people, these professionals have private lives and that’s where my stories come into play. This month’s release, The Bridal Bouquet, features a florist who has no prospects of romance, let alone getting married. Until she meets the hero, that is. She loves her job, loves making brides happy and wonders if one day she’ll meet the man of her dreams. As in any story, things don’t go easy for the couple, but isn’t that why we read books? To be part of the journey? This series has allowed me an insight into all the work behind the wedding. No wonder that special day can take up to a year to plan! Right from the engagement day, the countdown begins. Anyone who has been involved in a wedding knows there are certain tasks that need to be lined up immediately. Through the course of the planning, items get checked off the list until the big day arrives. Seeing the smiles on the face of the bride and groom makes all the hard work worthwhile. The professionals responsible for every aspect of a wedding love what they do, so I loved researching all the different pieces needed in the wedding puzzle. Adding conflict in my characters personal lives? Icing on the cake. I hope you enjoy the world I’ve created as much as I’ve loved writing about it. You’ll never look at a wedding the same again.


Additional books in The Business of Wedding series: Book 1- Orange Blossom Brides Book 2 – Magnolia Bride Book 3 – Honeysuckle Bride  


About the Author

Tara Randel

Tara Randel, Author  The Bridal Bouquet


Tara Randel is an award-winning, USA TODAY bestselling author of twelve novels. She is currently working on new stories for Harlequin Heartwarming, as well as books in a new series, Amish Inn Mysteries. Family values, a bit of mystery and, of course, love and romance, are her favorite themes, because she believes love is the greatest gift of all. Visit Tara at www.tararandel.com. Like her on Facebook at Tara Randel Books    



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