Turn Out the Lights and Enjoy AMC’s Fear Fest


A Review of AMC’s Fear Fest by Tiffany A. White

October is one of my favorite months. First of all, football season has officially kicked into high gear. Also, the cooler weather slowly begins to creep into air. Additionally, one of my favorite holidays just happens to fall during the month of October—Halloween. I enjoy getting dressed up, most of the time anyway, and handing out candy to all of the children who knock on my door. I’m also fascinated by the idea of anything spooky—haunted houses, horror movies, etcetera.

I usually dedicate each Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday post to a particular television show. But not today. Today’s post is a tad different… Today, I’m featuring an entire channel and its commitment to my favorite time of year—AMC’s Fear Fest.

For almost an entire month (October 13th-31st), AMC airs our favorite horror movie classics. Everything from: Alien, Cujo, Child’s Play, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Tremors, The Amityville Horror, The Exorcist, The Omen, and of course, Halloween.

Most nights, AMC even plays these movie franchises in order. Take last week for instance. Every night, I watched Jason hunt his prey at Camp Crystal Lake. Over the weekend, Tremors. This week … you guessed it… the entire Michael Myers collection.

AMC also airs a few horror flicks that aren’t quite as popular as the classics above, like: Anaconda, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, Cry Wolf, House of Wax, Jeepers Creepers, Thirteen Ghosts, and a slew of zombie movies.

My television is pretty much stuck on AMC’s Fright Fest all day long, every day of the week leading up to Halloween. It drives my guy crazy. Not just because he’s not as big on horror flicks as I am, but because I’ve seen all of these films a hundred times over and never tire of watching them. Oh well, at least he has video games he can go play…

So, if you like the classic horror movies as much as I do, perhaps you’ll want to tune into AMC this month. As for me, you know where I’ll be.


Tiffany A. White is the author of the YA mystery “Football Sweetheart” series. She blogs at The Ooo Factor and is available for contact via Twitter at @Tiffany_A_White, Facebook at Tiffany A. White, or by email at tiffany@tiffanyawhite.com.

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