What Did Jesus Drive: Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity by Author Jason Vines


Waldorf Publishing is excited to be releasing the new book “What Did Jesus Drive: Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity” by Author Jason Vines.

Isn’t it time that we are told the insider TRUTH regarding the intentional and unintentional cover-ups made by the big boys in “Detroit.”

An industry, the Auto Industry, driven by profits-over-principle according to many of its critics. Be prepared to buckle-up and enjoy this ride! This book is the first tell it like it is, of its kind!

The book by Jason Vines that hits stores on November 10th 2014. Jason appeared on CNN, NBC DC, FOX Charlotte and PBS last week speaking about the airbag debacle and promoting his new book.

Jason will be in Detroit next week with numerous book signings and speaking events that are being hosted for him and I am curious if you would like to interview Jason regarding the airbag debacle, his appearances in the Detroit area as well as regarding his new book What Did Jesus Drive: Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity.


Jason will be in the Detroit, Michigan area, Howell, Michigan and Montague, Michigan from November 10th-12th 2014

November 10th: Automotive Press Association event to be held at: Detroit Athletic Club, 241 Madison Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48226, 8:30am-10:30am

November 10th: Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, 2405 South Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48302, 6:00pm-9:00pm

November 11th: The Next Chapter Bookstore and Bistro, 141 East Main Street, Northville Michigan 48167, 11:00am-2:00pm

November 11th: Blue Frog Books, 3615 E. Grand River Ave, Howell, Michigan 48843, 6:00pm-8:00pm

November 12th:  The Book Nook & Java Shop, 8744 Ferry Street, Montague, Michigan 49437, 6:00pm-8:00pm


This book has already received stellar reviews as well as huge endorsements from Lee Iacocca, Autoweek Publisher Dutch Mandel, The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, Joe Trippi-Democratic Campaign and Media Consultant and Dr. Ricardo Martinez, MD, FACEP, former Administrator of the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) to list a few!



“What Did Jesus Drive: Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity”is authored by Jason Vines, one of the most out-spoken and brutally frank Public Relations chiefs in the history of the Automobile Industry. Jason Vines takes readers on a graphic, sometimes sad and often hilarious behind-the-scenes romp through some of the most publicized and studied crises in recent history.


Endorsement from Joe Trippi, Democratic Campaign and Media Consultant.“Get me Jason Vines! How I wish as the candidates I worked for screamed, screwed, or gaffed their way into crisis, I had called on Jason Vines. This is more than a corporate PR book – it’s a masters’ class, no holds barred, white knuckle ride of insights and wisdom for anyone whose job it is to communicate for a living. Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men” bellowed “you can’t handle the truth” – Jason Vines in raw and real story telling of his own journey explains to every politician, celebrity, corporate communications professional and government agency that has ever faced trouble (yes I am talking about you NFL – read this one Goodell!) why we have such a hard time telling the truth, why that’s the whole frickin’ problem and what we can do about it.”


Endorsement from Lee Iacocca. “Jason’s story telling is his honest account of time well spent in a career documenting numerous pivotal events we all want to hear about.”

Endorsement from Autoweek Publisher Dutch Mandel. “Jason Vines lived The Hurt Locker, defusing one public relations I.E.D. after another. To think some of the largest corporations we can name have been this close to pure PR disaster, and yet were saved by the insight Jason earned from decades of corporate cage fights, it is truly amazing. What Did Jesus Drive is a deep dive – nay, it is the colonoscopy – into the bowels of business, and it shares stories long known by a select few, or whispered in hallways outside war rooms. This must become a college textbook for PR professionals as it maps their futures. Jason delivers these stories, and his pearls of wisdom, with the wit and humor that makes him someone to whom we must all listen.”

Endorsement from Dr. Ricardo Martinez, MD, FACEP and former Administrator of the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA). “I always knew I could count on Jason for an unbiased and honest opinion.”

The book became available on eBook on November 1st 2014, on Audio Book on November 1st 2014 and will be available via Paperback on November 10th, 2014 and features unique photos, some of which have never been seen by the public.


Vines cautions the reader up-front: “Relax, this is not a book about Jesus. However, he does appear in two chapters: first as a Hispanic grandfather from Waterford, Michigan, and later as the real Prince of Peace. No, this is a book about my life in the public relations blast furnace in the automotive industry; a quickly-derailed attempt to help a friend rebuild Detroit’s tattered image, thwarted by the sex, lies and corruption of former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick; and, finally, trying to avoid another crisis with the number one selling book of all time. No, not Harry Potter; the Bible.”

The crises Vines helped navigate through made headlines the world over: Jeep vehicles accused of deadly sudden unintended acceleration, Nissan’s near-death experience until it regained its MOJO, the Ford/Firestone tire mega-debacle, a jihad against SUVs by the “What Would Jesus Drive?” nuts, Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick’s drive to prison and finally avoiding a boycott of the most popular Bible in the world by evangelical Christian leaders. In his final chapter, titled “Government Motors on Fire,” Vines tackles the fake Chevy Volt fire crisis and General Motors’ 2014 nightmare with its faulty ignition switches that led to at least 24 deaths – and counting – and may lead to criminal indictments.

Vines shares lessons learned and mistakes made. He notes that if he can impart anything in this book, it is the guiding principles he believes useful for any organization (not just the auto industry) or individual to avoid, mitigate or survive the inevitable crisis. As he puts it: “If you think you are immune to a crisis, you’ve already failed an overarching guiding principle.”

Waldorf Publishing: Was launched in 2013 by Barbara Terry. Barbara is a marketing and media expert with extensive experience in the Entertainment Industry. The first book published was by NASCAR great, Kenny Wallace, “Kenny’s Garage” the most recent “Inside the Godfather” by Daryl Brown, the son of James Brown, The Godfather of Soul.


Contact Barbara Terry to request an interview with Jason Vines or to review “What Did Jesus Drive: Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity,” via Paperback, eBook, Audio version or PDF.

BarbaraTerry08@aol.com, 303.550.8186 Twitter: @WaldorfPress, @WaldorfBooks, Facebook: Waldorf Press

ISBN: 9781631731099

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